About Kolek

Kolek (noun) 
read: ko-lek/kolék/

Kolek is a local brand from Indonesia founded in 2018. Our goal is to create contemporary home living products including furniture and accessories for the modern lifestyle using high-quality material and less industrial manufacturing. 


The word "kolek" comes from Javanese word "kolekan" referring to a traditional light wooden boat used by the fisherman to catch the fish. This asymmetrical sailing boat decorated with handcrafted and hand painted details similar to floral Batik’s pattern on each side. Just like the name, our vision as a dynamic brand is to create products that have strong character, eye for detail, and quality, through the entire manufacturing process. 

Meet Our Founder 


Jeffry Lamin Widjaja is an interior and product designer who used to live and work in Shanghai for 10 years before coming back home to Indonesia. A graduate from Raffles Design Institute Shanghai and Raffles College of Design & Commerce Sydney was responsible for architecture and interior for few important landmarks and residences in China from Shanghai to Suzhou, and Hangzhou, since 2011 until last year.  


Veronica Arviana is a former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia. A fashion design graduate from Northumbria University (2009) is responsible to create trends on the magazine every month for almost a decade now. Her editorial works featured local and international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Celine, Saint Laurent, and many more.  


Together they combine both values of architecture and fashion into aesthetic designs that offered a new perspective of materiality and purposes.